• iDRATA has an innovative presentation in sachet that makes its administration easier and more practical. Its ingestion is pleasant and attractive for children thanks to its flavors and the possibility to intake frozen as a dessert.

  • iDRATA is an ORS, the only effective solution to combat dehydration using a physiological mechanism that is not affected by gastrointestinal diseases.

  • iDRATA adapts to the nutritional needs of children and adults, compensating the loss of fluids and electrolytes, thus restoring fluid and electrolyte balance.

  • iDRATA is effective for all cases of diarrhea and / or vomiting regardless of its etiology.

  • iDRATA can be used as the sole rehydration measure in patients suffering from mild to moderate dehydration with a success rate of 90-95%.

  • iDRATA is a dietary food for medical special purposes with a composition in line with the recommendations of WHO-UNICEF and ESPGHAN.

  • iDRATA is a low-cost solution that can be managed at home without having to go to the hospital.

  • iDRATA is an Oral Rehydration Solution and ORS are considering in the WHO list as an essential drugs.

  • Early use of iDRATA in the early stages of the disease prevents dehydration, which implies fewer hospitalizations, complications and medical expenses.